Super Affiliate Secrets

27 Super Affiliate ‘Secrets’ That You Should Steal Right Now

So, you want to be a Super Affiliate? That's a great goal to shoot for! But do you have what it takes to get yourself into such elite company? If only you could get just one of them to share their Super Affiliate 'Secrets' with you life would be grand, wouldn't it?

Don't we all wish it was that simple? The fact is, there are no 'secrets' that are sworn to silence by the clan of Super Affiliates by some candlelight ritual in a remote cave on the 13th of every month. But there are things that they do that the rest of the affiliate marketing world does not do.

The question is, are you willing to make the sacrifices and do what is necessary to get yourself into such elite company? Let's take a look what needs to be done.

The Super Affiliate Mindset

Affiliate marketing is an amazing business. It allows us to make some pretty serious money every month by promoting other people’s products or services. 

Our costs are very low because we don't have to worry about products, shipping, returns or dealing directly with people. We are able to work when we want, where we want and run our business however we want. How awesome is that?!

Super Affiliate Mindset

For some folks, earning a few hundred bucks every month is all they want. But for many other people, the earnings bar is set much higher. They are looking to make $10,000, $20,000 or even $50,000 per month from their online business.

Is this even possible? Yes, it is!

Is it probable? For most people, no.

Why not?

Because most online entrepreneurs are not willing to do what it takes to cross the chasm of being ordinary from making a few hundred bucks per month to becoming extraordinary and making insane money. 

The sad part is, that chasm is easily crossed if you are willing to go the extra mile and do the extra things that most affiliate marketers won’t or aren't willing to do. 

I'm going to share the mindset and behaviors of Super Affiliates so you can decide if you really have what it takes to cross over to the other side!

What Is A Super Affiliate?

We need to start off by defining a Super Affiliate. There really isn't a clear-cut definition of a Super Affiliate. But we need to understand who they are if we are going to try to be like them.

Before I go any further, I am making an assumption that you are familiar with the basics of affiliate marketing. If not, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts before proceeding or else the upcoming information will probably not make much sense.

I define a Super Affiliate as an affiliate marketer that is in the top 4% of the earnings bracket for a specific niche or business vertical.

A simpler way to think of this is, a Super Affiliate would be an affiliate marketer who is earning over $10,000 per month on a consistent basis.

Take a look at the pie chart below. This shows the different segmentation levels of monthly income across the affiliate marketing industry

A whopping 63% of all affiliate marketing professionals are making less than $300 per month. Really? That's a pretty mind blowing and disturbing statistic! But we'll find out why shortly.

Super Affiliate Niche Marketshare

But combining the next two brackets shows that 25% of all affiliate marketers are making somewhere between $300 and $5,000 per month. This represents one out of every four affiliate marketers. Ok, not too bad if you just want some extra spending money.

Moving up one more level, we see that only 9% are making between $5,001 and $10,000 per month. Please note, there is a typo in the chart and the 9% should represent between $5,001 - $10,000 per month in earnings. I've notified the folks at Aversity about their mistake.

And finally, we see that only 4% of all affiliate marketers are making over $10,000 per month on a regular basis. This is why this elite level deservedly gets the status of Super Affiliate!

What Do Super Affiliates Do Differently?

We've already established that there is no little black book of Super Affiliate ‘Secrets’ that only the top online entrepreneurs are privy to.

But, are Super Affiliates doing things differently them from everyone else?

You better believe they are! And that's why they are the elite 4% that is achieving massive amounts of success! 

The good news is, the things they do is not any type of rocket science or some type of  extreme business practice. They are doing nothing more than following a series of business habits and disciplines that most people are not willing to do. But you can learn the exact techniques they use and find out why they are crushing everyone else here.

So let's take a deeper look at some of these insider 'secrets' of Super Affiliates and see if we are willing to start copying some of the business practices they use on a daily basis.

The Super Powers of Super Affiliates

Super Affiliates do two things way better than everyone else: 

They know how to drive tons of traffic to their sites.

They know how to convert this traffic into sales. 

It's almost like they have some sort of super powers over these two disciplines because their success rates are orders of magnitude higher than everyone else's.

Super Affiliate Powers

If we were able to do this as well as them, we could achieve Super Affiliate status as well. Because mastering these two things will give you the keys to the kingdom when it comes to making crazy money. Tons of traffic equates into higher probably of making sales.

But these are the very issues that keep us up at night, making us scratch our heads and ponder what to do next with our own business.

It's not the intent of this discussion to provide methods of driving traffic to your website. That will be covered in an upcoming post that I'm working on. But please refer to this post from NicheHacks if you're looking for some ways to increase traffic to your site.

So how do they do this so well and why are they so much better at this than everyone else?

It boils down to the following little tip:

They know their customers inside and out. They know what problems they have what solutions they are searching for. They don't sell them products. They offer solutions to their problems. 

And then they market to their targeted customer base, align them with their affiliate promotions in a way that doesn't feel like a sale, but rather an experience of relief that their problem is solved. 

Figure out how to accomplish this and I'll see you on your private jet as we head to Bora Bora to sip Pina Coladas on the beach!

In all seriousness, it's my hope that I can help you figure this out with the remainder of this discussion. Because as I mentioned before, the chasm that needs to be crossed is not that wide.

The 'Secrets' of Super Affiliates

Let's remember that we are in the business of affiliate marketing, not affiliate selling. So why do we get so hung up on trying to sell things? Perhaps that's the reason why our efforts are not as successful as we'd like to see them.

The Super Affiliates figured this out a long time ago.

They don't sell mattresses. They offer the best night's sleep you've ever had.

They don't sell weight-loss products. They offer you the best body you've ever had.

Super Affiliates never sell anything. They offer solutions to problems.

They understand that this is really what their customers are looking for. They have an in-depth understanding of their fears, their doubts and their skepticism when it comes to someone trying to sell them things.

Super Affiliates know that their potential customers can go directly to the Tempur Pedic store to buy a mattress. They know that they can walk into any GNC store to buy weight loss products. So they go above and beyond the outdated tactics of most affiliate marketers that try to force feed a sale by sticking an affiliate promotion in front of them.

Although Super Affiliates don't harbor any real secrets, consider this pure gold when it comes to your next affiliate promotion. Understand and master this and you will be on your way to seeing earnings like you've never seen before!

How To Achieve Super Affiliate Status

As I mentioned at the beginning of this discussion, Super Affiliates do things that most other affiliate marketers are not willing to do. The most important of these is truly gaining insight of who their potential customers are. That's the first piece of the puzzle.

Do you really understand who you're trying to promote your affiliate offers to? Or are you just hoping that if you build a website and add some solid content that this will be good enough to attract visitors and convince someone to buy something from you?

Know Your Customers Inside and Out

If this is your typical marketing strategy, don't worry. You're not alone. About 97% of all affiliate marketers run their businesses this way. And this is why the vast majority of them are in that 63rd percentile that make $300 per month or less.

So let's review the list of behaviors and practices that set Super Affiliates apart from everyone else. These are the things that they have learned to do day in and day out because they know that the accumulation of the small things adds up to a making huge difference regarding their success!

They Build Their Email List From Day One

How do Super Affiliates gain so much insight and understanding about their customer base? 

They start building their email list on day one! They know how important it is to capture information from everyone who is willing to give their email address. Because this is a really good indication that these people are interested in their offer and they could be good candidates for a future sale.

And by building their email list early, they can start building a relationship with their potential customers. They can start positioning themselves as credible authorities in their niche and start earning the trust of their client list.

This is a major mistake that both newbies and even experienced affiliate marketers make. They think they need to get traffic to their site before they can start building their list of prospects.

You need to build your list right out of the gate. Without a solid email list of potential clients to market to, your hopes out breaking out of the 63rd percentile are very slim.

They Make Sure Their Website Is Awesome

Super Affiliates are able to capture their site visitors information by doing two things:

They provide site visitors with an awesome experience by building beautiful websites.

They provide their site visitors with a ton of value for free.

When you land on a new web page, how long do you stick around if it looks outdated or you find it difficult to find what you need? Keep this mindset at the forefront when you're building your site because your visitors will bolt very quickly unless they see a reason to stay.

If your site needs updating, do it now! Your competition is doing it. And that's one of the things Super Affiliates do without hesitation. They know how critically important this is if they want any chance of visitor retention.

Remember, it takes an average of 7 visits to a website before someone will make a purchase. So if your site is outdated or does not look and feel professional, your visitors will not be back, even if they did happen to cough up their email address to you. You'll most likely see them opt-out of your list in the near future.

They Provide Massive Value For Free

You need to build a following of potential customers by building an email list. The problem is, most people already get way too much email. They don’t want another newsletter. You need to bribe them!

The biggest mistake most people make is asking for an email without offering anything in return. They don’t know you. You have no credibility with them. So why would you expect your site visitors to provide their personal information to you just for the sake of being on yet another email list?

Chances are, they won't. You need to give them something in order to get something. And Super Affiliates always make sure it’s something of huge value!

If you're in the weight-loss niche, provide them with a mini-course on the benefits of juicing. Or give them a FREE Report on how to lose 8 pounds in 14-days.

Don’t just put a pop-up in front of them that says, 'subscribe to my list'. You’ll miss out.

Make sure you let them know the benefits they will get if they opt-in to your list. This will make a huge difference with regards to the number of site visitors that you will be able to convert to your email list of prospects. 

The Super Affiliate Difference

Super Affiliates know that the small things matter. If they don't know how to dome something, they learn. If something requires attention, the fix it. Immediately!

They do what they love – they only work in niches they know they can achieve greatness in. They don't chase the big commission percentage affiliate offers like most newbies do. They become trusted authorities in their niche which makes them stand out from the rest of the money hungry affiliate marketing world.

They do the uncomfortable. They learn, do tons of research and hold themselves accountable for the quality of their content. 

They work consistently, not constantly!

They only have one or two websites and work in only one or two niches.

They do research on their competition and do things better than them. 

They make sure they stand out from the crowd.

They continue to learn something new every day and expand their knowledge about the buying habits of their customers as it relates to their niche.

They fail fast and often. But they learn from it and move on.

They put more time and energy into things that are working well

They plan and execute.

They market to their customer base, they don’t sell. Again, it’s called affiliate marketing, not affiliate selling!

Things Super Affiliate's Never Do

Many people think that the top 4% must have tons of websites that promote tons of high paying affiliate promotions. This is simply not true.

As mentioned above, Super Affiliates are laser focused and limit their efforts to one or two websites and niches. While many newbies think the more affiliate offers they promote the more money they'll make, the elite know the opposite is true.

Here is a list of things that Super Affiliates never do:

They never over promote offers that contain tons of affiliate links.

They never use tons of pop-ups & banner ads on their websites.

They never provide product reviews with all positive outcomes.

They never give up when things don't go as expected; they simply modify their plan and move on.

And the biggest, most critical thing that Super Affiliates never do is quit! They know that their hard work and effort means something even if they haven't quite realized the outcome the expected. They know that success is only a few steps away and that a change of course may be necessary.

They do whatever is necessary to keep moving forward. Quitting is not an option. They never quit!

BONUS SECRETS - Super Affiliate Collaboration

So far, we've discussed the differences between the mindsets of Super Affiliates and how they differ from the rest of the affiliate marketing world. We know it comes down to their willingness to focus and do whatever is necessary in order to achieve success. And most of all, under no circumstances will they ever consider giving up and quitting!

But there are a couple of other not so widely known things that make Super Affiliates who they are.

Classified Secrets of Super Affiliates

These are not available to everyone. These need to be earned and are considered some of the perks that come with earning your way into the elite status of the 4%!

Super Affiliates promote and sell their own digital products. And why wouldn't they? The profit margins are close to 100% and there's virtually zero overhead with digital products.

By far the most popular digital products they promote are Online Training Courses. These are easy and inexpensive to produce and there's a huge market for online learning. And the returns are massive!

Super Affiliates work together. Yep, it's true. When you reach royalty status you get to interact with other members of royalty. And this means you get to work together, promote each others products and provide backlinks across your websites. They even do personal promotion and recognition on each others behalf.

This adds to everyone's authority status and brings even more credibility across the Super Affiliate community.

Its like Tiger Woods saying how great Phil Michelson is and vise versa. Both are well known and respected individuals in the golf world and both are at the top of their professions. If these two Hall of Fame level golfers promoted each others online golf instructional courses, they would simply crush the competition!

Super Affiliates openly trade and share their huge email lists. This is another major reason why it's so important to build your email lists as early as possible. If you and I both had lists of 10,000 subscribers and we agreed to share them with each other. It would provide instant access to 10,000 potential new customers to both of us! Let's say 50 Super Affiliates traded their list amongst themselves. You can do the math from here. But what a huge opportunity that would be for everyone involved!

Now let's say they decided to run email campaigns on each other's behalf. I'm sure you've seen these types of emails, when someone you subscribe to sends you a 'Special Offer' from a trusted colleague of theirs. Since you already know and trust the person who sent you the info, you're probably not going to move it to the Trash Folder right away.

In the end, these additional perks are just some of the fringe benefits that come with achieving the status of Super Affiliate. Even more incentive to work even harder? I think so! 

Final Thoughts

There's an old Chinese proverb that says, 'Even the smallest drop of water will cause the largest bucket to overflow.'

Super Affiliates live by this mindset every day. They pay attention to details and understand that by doing what seems to be insignificant contributions to their business will make a huge difference to the in the end.

They don't make excuses. The just get it done.

They are laser focused on a single outcome... and that is success. They let nothing stand in their way. And when they do encounter obstacles, they either bust through them or find a way to go around them. 

The rest of the affiliate marketing community takes the opposite approach. When things get difficult, they cease to work on a solution or they simply give up. They blame their failures on everyone and everything else other then themselves.

This my friends, is the difference between making an awesome living and seeing crazy monthly income as an online affiliate marketer versus setting for the 63rd percentile. 

The choice is yours, but I'll ask you again... Do you really have what it takes to be a elite 4% marketer, or will you make excuses and blame the world for your failures?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on my research and the information that I've presented here. Especially if you ARE a Super Affiliate!

Like a magician that lives by a code, I hope I haven't given away too many 'secrets'. But I hope this sheds some light on how the top 4% do things differently and how we can all be members of that elite club soon!

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